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Ettevõtte nimi Eesti Töötukassa / EURES
Ametikoht Mobile Crane Service Technician & Mechanic
Töökoha asukoht Holland
Töö kirjeldus Job Description: • You will travel and work on contractor sites and will be expected to perform maintenance, repair and troubleshooting on telescopic mobile cranes; • Job position is very physical and requires the individual to be able to perform duties and work long hours outdoors in a variety of weather. • Work involves a wide variety of skills including knowledge in direct current electrical, alternating current electrical, diesel engines, pneumatic and hydraulics, welding, fabrication, etc.
Nõudmised kandidaadile Job qualifications and experience: • Proven mechanical attitude; • Work involves duties pertaining primarily to maintenance and repairs to a wide variety of heavy mobile equipment,several different types of mobile cranes and auxiliary scrap handling equipment; • Dependable, with strong problem solving skills and an excellent safety record; • Ability to comprehend and learn technical manuals; • Ability to communicate to others on how to troubleshoot equipment based on standard operating procedures and / or technical manuals; • Communicate with crane operators to determine what components have failed and cause of failure; • Experience with computers and ability to prepare required paperwork which may include work order documentation, reporting of expenses, ordering of parts, in bound and out bound inspections; • Able to communicate via email; • Follow all plant and company safety guidelines in the performance of all job duties and responsibilities; • Customer service skills to include good communication (written and oral) and social skills; • Preferred Mobile Equipment Maintenance schooling/certification (diesel/hydraulic/electrical/mechanical) • 3+ years of experience in Mobile Equipment maintenance
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