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Ettevõtte nimi Eesti Töötukassa / EURES
Ametikoht Pizza Chef / Kokk pitsarestoranis
Töökoha asukoht Soome
Töö kirjeldus To work for the summer season in our traditional restaurant in Hanko, Finland. We offer part- and full-time options from June to August so it’s your choice how much you want to work! After summer season it is possible to continue in Helsinki area or at our winter season restaurant in Ruka. We can arrange your accommodation together with our team on a reasonable price (approximately 190 € / month).
Nõudmised kandidaadile To be excellent in your job you should already have experience from restaurant work and you enjoy making pizza. Some previous experience is needed but most important is that you are motivated to work for us and you are willing to learn more. The pace in our restaurant is fast so you don’t mind working under pressure either. The languages used in daily work are Finnish, English and Swedish – at least you’re English should be fluent in order to communicate with the team and customers.
Kehtiv kuni 30.04.2018
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