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Ettevõtte nimi Ismira, UAB
Ametikoht Waiter
Töökoha asukoht Küpros
Töö kirjeldus GET A WELL-PAID JOB IN SUNNY CYPRUS! Work in Cyprus is a great opportunity to get international employment experience, to earn money and, at the same time, to visit the exquisite cities and islands, rich in history and full of mysticism. Exceptional views, Mediterranean climate, incredible night life and exotic cuisine will add a special hue to your work in Cyprus. We hire international workers to work in Cyprus for the period from April 2018 through end of October 2018. Job interviews to fill in the positions start in February 2018.
Nõudmised kandidaadile Languages: English and Russian languages are mandatory Age: min 18 years old Experience: need to have some relevant experience for therapist, cook and receptionist positions. Work experience for the rest positions is not mandatory.
Kehtiv kuni 31.03.2018
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